Floral Ministry

The Floral Ministry decorates our sanctuary and other areas of the church using seasonal flowers and decorative items. This ministry seeks to enhance the worship experience by sharing the beauty created by God for all to appreciate.

Culinary Ministry

The Culinary (Kitchen) Ministry provides delicious and inviting meals in a warm and festive atmosphere where all people are welcome to fellowship with the members and families of First Baptist Church Midlothian. The ministry also works to maintain a clean and safe environment while serving God’s people during special events, celebrations, workshops and conferences, as well as for funeral repasts.

Pastor’s Aide Ministry

The Pastor’s Aide Ministry serves the pastor by assisting him in various activities and services. The Ministry’s main purpose is to ensure that the Pastor is provided with the necessary essentials needed allowing him the opportunity to efficiently perform the many pastoral tasks and responsibilities. Members also lead the church in celebrating special days such as birthdays, pastor’s anniversary, Christmas, and Clergy Day.